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Natural Dyes.

Machine Knits.


Wild Heather is a textile + dye studio run by Heather Thomas in Melbourne, Australia.

Heather has been working with natural fibres + plant colour for more than two decades + imparts her knowledge + expertise through regular workshops, symposiums consultations + commercial dye practice.

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Natural Dyes.

Heather has been exploring the plant kingdom + the extraction of colour for many years. Dyeing yarns + cloth with fresh foraged leaves + dried extracts of plants found in the natural landscape of this country echoes our connection to the natural environment + provides a full spectrum of colour for dyeing.


Machine Knitting.

Take the mystery out of your knitting machine + attend one of our workshops to help you create the fabrics you desire! Tuition available for one on one, or small groups, for advanced knitters or beginners - you will never stop learning on the knitting machine!

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Workshops have been facilitated internationally + locally on Dyeing cloth with Natural Colour, Dyeing with Organic Indigo Vats + Machine Knitting. Workshops are available for Symposiums, Community Development Projects, School Groups + for Private Education in the home.


Dyeing yarns + cloth with fresh foraged leaves + dried extracts of plants found in our natural landscape echoes humanities connection to the natural environment.”

— Heather Thomas

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Interested in attending hands on practical workshops in Indigo Dyeing, Natural Dyeing or Machine Knitting? Our workshops are held throughout Victoria + often interstate.

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